what I admire

By: ewhite422

Sep 16 2010

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If you have read this site lately, you know that I am moving my parents into a house, 5 doors down from mine.  Yesterday was a long day, but things are taking shape!

As I was helping my mother with the kitchen, I said, “Mom, I have always admired your organization ability.  You have collected things for years, but you always found a way to organize them, so that things don’t seem cluttered.”

Her face lit up.  “Really?  I didn’t know that,” she answered.

My mind raced.  How was it that she did not know that?  Was it because I never told her?  Or has she just forgotten, as she has forgotten so much else lately.

I have to make sure I tell her before it’s too late all the things I have always admired about her:

  • She was an excellent nurse
  • She always commanded whatever situation she confronted
  • She has loved me unconditionally
  • She learned to use the computer after age 50
  • She learned to use a professional embroidery machine after age 50
  • She keeps a clean house
  • She makes good food
  • She lives her faith

I want to do a better job of letting the people I love know how much I admire them.  I do not ever want to see a look of surprise on their faces when I tell them what I should have said all along.

This was a very good lesson for me.


5 comments on “what I admire”

  1. Great lesson for all of us. My Mom passed away in ’91. There is so much I wish I had told her. Dad’s still doing great on Clover. I have much to tell him. Thanks for this lesson.

  2. So true…I think I’ll call my mom!!

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