a couple of things NOT to forget when you move your parents

By: ewhite422

Sep 20 2010

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I didn’t even think of this, but it was brought to my attention in an “oh so dramatic” way.

I did not make sure that my parents had the alarm code for their new home, and this morning at 5:30 AM, when my dad went out to get the newspaper, the alarm sounded.

He did not know how to turn it off.

Soon a sheriff’s deputy showed up and the fire engine rolled into the quiet neighborhood.

“There’s no fire!” my dad explained, “I just don’t know the code in order to turn it off!  Maybe one of the firemen could cut the wires?”

No, they didn’t want to do that.  But the alarm had awakened the entire neighborhood, as it took 30 minutes before we could get in touch with the former owner of the house to get the code.

The other thing NOT to forget is where your parents’ medicine gets packed.

We dashed around looking in every box, because my mother did not remember where she packed her blood pressure medication.  She has been so capable, that I forget how much the dementia has taken its toll.

We took her blood pressure every 30 minutes just to make sure she was okay, until we found the pills.  It is a good thing we found them before the alarm went off this morning!

I hope I don’t have any more things I’ve forgotten to attend to.  This could wear a person out!


4 comments on “a couple of things NOT to forget when you move your parents”

  1. Great story. I presume you stayed the night with them or did the alarm awaken you in your home and you came a runnin’? How old is your mother?

  2. Good thing to remember! I did that same thing to my children when we first moved into a new home. The alarm was new to all of us. I set it and went out to get pizza. My daughter opened the garage door to check if the car was there and set the alarm off. I came home with pizza and the sheriff at our home.

  3. I now care for my parents who have lived in the same home for 56 years. I doubt that we will ever move them out. They would be just as confused with an alarm system.
    I make a product to help caregivers. It can be found at http://www.SafePatientTransfer.com or out at http://www.YouTube.com/help2caregivers – Take Care

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