By: ewhite422

Sep 22 2010

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One of my Facebook friends, after reading a daily post of mine remarked, “You are wicked!  I like that in a person!”

He is a psychotherapist, so coming from him, it’s a compliment, I think.

Truth is.  I have my dark side…my shadow…and I may as well acknowledge it.

My husband and I were laughing recently about that dark side when reminiscing about our courtship.  I was working with an upscale commercial interior design firm with clients such as American Airlines, Time Warner, and the City of Austin.  Eager to impress them, I attended a business networking breakfast at the Austin Country Club, but my car was in the shop, so I had to bum a ride from Brooks, who at that time was my boyfriend.

He drove me in his pickup truck to the country club, and I made him let me out in a remote area of the parking lot.

When he arrived to pick me up, it was raining and I was waiting under the portico of the venerable establishment along with the business professionals I had targeted.  Apparently, the muffler on his truck had suddenly “gone out,” and he pulled up in a rattling heap.

“Oh,” I said, as I saw their curious looks, “I had to ask my gardener to pick me up, since my car is in the shop!”

It wasn’t a lie…he did tend the plants at my apartment, but I had to confess to him that I told them he was my gardener.

It was shallow and self-serving, but it is an illustration of that shadow I deal with…the need to impress.



2 comments on “wicked”

  1. oh how hysterical!
    I have been in that place…… we are on a journey. I am learning on a daily basis with Steve’s help that The only one we need to impress is HIM.
    lets bring our mufflers with us as reminders and hold each other accountable.

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