pet peeves

By: ewhite422

Oct 12 2010

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My daughter blogged yesterday about her pet peeves (thankfully, I was not on her list), and she inspired me to consider mine.  Here they are in no particular order (except the first one):

Negative, rude, dogmatic, and crass people



Wind (I grew up in West Texas…it blows all the time)

Noise (loud voices, vaccuum cleaners, dishwashers, MOTORCYCLES!)

Stupid movies

Nose and ear hair (I once figured out that a male coworker had a bad marriage because he had horrible nose hair…I thought, “There is no way his wife would let him go around like that, if she cared.”  Sure enough, they divorced.  Now I have to chase my husband around with the “buzzer” to keep his nose hair trimmed…it’s almost a full time job!)

This list is getting long, and I’m just getting started!

What are your pet peeves?


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