life cycles

I am looking at a picture of myself from 1978 perched in the back of an old Jeep that was used for hunting on my first husband’s ranch.

I have a similar picture from last year with my now husband’s Jeep.

What is it with me marrying men who like Jeeps?

They also have in common:

Favorite pies:  key lime and pecan


Ocillating fan at night (in order to go to sleep)

Both coached football

Both were in the oil business

Both went broke

Boy, I can really pick them!  However, I AM happy to be married to the love my life.  In spite of the fact that he has 7 children (I always get a laugh when I’m doing public speaking and I tell that fact…and then I add that he is a directional driller!)

Life is full of twists and turns and “switchbacks.”  Never a dull moment!


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