where did she go?

By: ewhite422

Oct 23 2010

Category: Uncategorized

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I will miss posting almost every day.  And I’ll miss your comments.  I am working on a book project and will not be posting for a while.  I hope life is full of everything good for you!


One comment on “where did she go?”

  1. HOGWASH ! Writing a book might be a job, might be, whether or not, hopefully you do enjoy the passion required to write a book. You seemed to have your priorities straight or at least in a curving row! So, what is it? Let’s see: BOOK, HUSBAND, CHILDREN, GOD, FOOD,CLEANLINESS, FRIENDS, PETS, COFFEE, TEA,MUSIC, READING,HOBBIES, tending extended family, SPA, exercise,HAVE-TO’s, WANTS&DESIRES….the list goes on! Now, I did not put them in the CORRECT order for your discretion (discretingly so?). So, you put in your 8-12 hours (workaholic like me) and you still have plenty of time to do EVEYTHING else and somewhere in the 25 ! hour day you can devote 15 minutes (quince minutos) for the rest of us adoring fans! C’mon e-laine, not slowing down are YE? Yo’friend, the DON also known as The ROCK

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