Life after Death

By: ewhite422

Apr 26 2012

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It’s been a long time…

I said I was going to take time off from the blog to work on my book…and I am working on it…it’s just that life and death have gotten in the way.  You see, on February 27, 2011, my son, Joshua, died in a fiery plane crash in UAE.  I have been reeling from grief since then and am only now starting to live.  I know he expects me to go on, but losing a child is the worst kind of pain.

I have to tell you, though, that he is still around…

After the funeral, I took my daughter and her family to Olive Garden for lunch.  (My granddaughters wanted pizza and pasta, and one of the executives of Darden Restaurants had attended Josh’s funeral, handing me a $200 gift card)  I told them to order “the works!”  Anyway, when we were seated, the server approached, “Hi, my name is Josh; I’ll be your server.”  I burst into tears.

That evening Josh’s uncle, John, who was like a father to him, took his wife to dinner at Morton’s Steakhouse.  Their server introduced himself, “Hi, my name is Josh; I’ll be your server.”  More tears.

So a couple of days later, as I was getting ready to leave Dallas for my home north of Houston, I took Josh’s girlfriend, his uncle and aunt to lunch at an upscale Mexican restaurant.  I saw the server approaching, and I decided to be proactive.  Before he could say anything, I asked him in Spanish, “You’re name is not Josh, is it?”

“No, senora, my name is Jesus!”

I turned to my guests and said, “You guys can relax…it’s not Josh…it’s Jesus!”  We laughed.

When I got home, my computer “crapped out.”  I called the Geek Squad and they agreed to send someone out right away.  The tech called from his car on his way to my house, “Hi, my name is Josh with the Geek Squad…I’m coming to fix your computer!”  I started crying again.

Then, I was working on a design project one day soon after the computer coincidence.  I had been texting the owner of the house all morning as I worked in his home, decorating his living room.  Finally, I finished and before leaving his home, I checked my phone for any text message he might have sent.  My phone had mysteriously scrolled itself down to one of the last texts I got from Josh before his plane crash, “I love you!” it said.

More tears.

It’s been over a year since Josh died.  A few weeks ago, I foolishly left my laptop on the floor by my chair in the family room, and my husband stepped on it, breaking the screen.  I dragged myself to Best Buy and turned it into the Geek Squad.  When I looked up and read the nametag of the person who was helping me, I was amazed.  Yes, it was Josh.

My boy Josh has worked hard to make sure I know he’s still around, and that has helped me so very much.





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