Can’t Say Enough…

Anyone who knows me well has probably teased me about all the books in my house.  They’re everywhere.  My husband likes to count the titles on my bedside table, but he doesn’t do it anymore because he gets “the glare” and the party is over for that night.

He got himself invited back to the party when he bought me a Nook last year, and now he can’t tease me about having 61 books on it, since he can’t see them.  I don’t think he reads my blog, so my secret is safe.

So when I say I really like a book, I mean I can’t say enough about it, because it’s a book that changed my life.  And that’s how I feel about Judy Carter’s new book, The Message of You.

We all have stories we carry around inside us.  Whether they were happy stories or not, we learned from them.  It’s good to be clear about what we’ve learned, at least, my therapist thinks so.  She’s always talking about me “reframing my stories.” And that’s what Judy Carter does so well.  She also suggests that you can use those stories to create a money-making speaking career! 

Okay, maybe going on the speaking circuit is not your dream, but you will be a fascinating dinner guest…you may even make that old curmudgeon uncle of yours laugh when you tell your stories at the family reunion.

Best of all, you’ll like your own life stories, and you’ll feel better about yourself.

I highly recommend this book!


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