What Children Teach Us

Children teach us
Everything we never wanted to know.
From the time
We know of their arrival
Our selfish cares war against
Their existence and wellbeing.
We can no longer do as we please,
There is another to think of,
And they are not going away.
Neither do we want them to
At least, not for very long.
The sleepless nights,
The ragged mornings
With the smell of bananas and applesauce,
All form memories held dear
Once we are far from them.
And then they grow to question
Everything you think you are teaching.
Their little fingers pry
At all the broken places
You think you hide so well.
Okay, so they found you out!
Now what?
How much do you tell them
About why that place is broken?
How can you fix it
So they will stop pointing it out?
One day, when they have their own children,
They will understand,
You hope.
But it is of little comfort
When you’re still reeling from their scorn
And you’re still wishing for their adulation.
Children teach us things
We never wanted to know
Yet through that fearful lesson
We may well become who we always wanted to be.


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