What I Learned Today

I spent from 7:30 this morning until 12.30 at Baylor College of Medicine with my husband.  He has been on medical leave of absence from his job since December and we are STILL chasing a diagnosis.  Today, he met with a neuropsychologist.  I had to look that term up on the internet before we left.  She, apparently, can tell us how well his brain is functioning. I did point out to her that he IS an Aggie.

Anyway, on the way there, he asked me a question I couldn’t answer.  I hate when I don’t know the answer.

“Why is today called ‘Good Friday,'” he wanted to know.

“I’ll get back to you on that,” I replied.

After waiting for him for 3 hours during his testing (things like Lumosity offers), we finally were free to go.  As I drove him home, he shared some of the questions that the neuropsychologist wanted to know.

Can you answer them?

  • How long does it take light to travel to earth from the sun?  Can you just pull that out of your memory bank?
  • Who wrote the book, Sherlock Holmes?

I could answer the second one, English major that I am.  But the other two had me on the internet looking for answers.

First, his question about Good Friday.  Apparently, according to the Oxford English dictionary, once upon a time “good” was synonymous with “holy.”  Okay, I can buy that.  I read other explanations on the internet about how good it was that Jesus was crucified.  I still tremble when I think of how horrific that was…for him…and for his mother.  Can you imagine being Mary at the foot of the cross?  Oh, the pain.

Well, on to the next two questions.  I learned that it takes approximately 8 minutes and 20 seconds for light to get to earth from the sun.  If the sun were to stop emitting light, it would take roughly 8 minutes for you to be looking for your sweater.  That’s good to know.

And last, it was Sir Arthur Conan Doyle who wrote Sherlock Holmes.

So now you know.  And if you ever have to go to a neuropsychologist, you can show him/her what’s what!

Oh, one last thing, I think it is funny that Baylor College of Medicine (Baptist) is housed in The Methodist Hospital.  Just goes to prove that sometimes Christians can get along.


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