but you’re such a nice enemy!

By: ewhite422

Apr 21 2014

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In this time of political upheaval, I wish more people would bow to their opponent and honor them.

Elaine White

About 15 years ago I sat across the table from a Princeton educated, Presbyterian pastor who had invited me to East Austin for lunch, near the church he served.  We had opposite positions on scores of issues.  I did political organizing for conservatives and he was outspoken for liberal causes.

We decided to be friends.  I genuinely wanted to hear how he came to the conclusions he held.  And since I listened to him, he in turn, listened to me.

That day at lunch, after I had explained my stand on a certain position, he pushed his chair back and threw up his hands, “But you’re such a nice enemy!”

We laughed and started calling each other, “Enemigo Querido,” or “Beloved Enemy.”

I stayed with him and his wife in their home a few times after I moved to Houston, and before he passed away, when my enemy became debilitated…

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