Another Significant Birthday

By: ewhite422

Apr 23 2014

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I remember being pregnant with my second child, Joshua.  We lived in Mexico, but I decided to give birth in the US, in case he ever wanted to run for president.

I spent the last 6 weeks of my pregnancy in Shreveport, Louisiana at my in-laws’ house.  My OB/Gyn said that I was likely to have the baby early, so I insisted my husband join me for the last month of the pregnancy.  The baby did not come early.  Every day our administrative offices for our ministry would call to find out if we had delivered the baby yet.

“No! Stop calling,” I said finally, “I’ll let you know when the baby is here.”

They were anxious for us to get back to our mission field responsibilities.  Ministries can be just as demanding as any corporation. I tried to have the baby early.  I walked miles and miles, trying to induce labor.  I was even known to stomp the last stretch, trying to jiggle things up.  But no, Joshua did not come, until we admitted me to the hospital on the day after his due date and induced labor.

He was born 4 hours later at 8 lbs, 12 oz.

They didn’t have any clean blue blankets, so they  wrapped him in a pink one.  We laughed about that a lot over the years.  And it turns out, in my favorite picture of him with me, taken a few years before he died, he is wearing a pink shirt. (I can’t find that picture on my computer)

Today is his birthday.  I miss my boy, who would be 32 years old today.Image


4 comments on “Another Significant Birthday”

  1. I am so sorry for your pain Elaine. What a great kid, about the same age as my oldest son, David Jonathan.

  2. He was a beautiful young man. There is no pain like losing a child. I was reading Rick Warren’s posts recently about the loss of their son to suicide. I thought his sermon series was appropriately titled, “How to get through what you’ll never get over.” I hope that writing and sharing those memories helps bring you peace and comfort.

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