We’re in this Together

By: ewhite422

Apr 24 2014

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My husband threw me a great 60th (there, I admitted it) birthday party.  He invited our neighbors and one of our favorite piano guys, Daniel Blanchard, for cake and champagne on Tuesday night.  He dug out old photos of me and placed them around.  One was taken when I was “Howdy Queen” at Baylor University. You’d have to have been there to appreciate the distinction.

I love our neighborhood and how we are present for each other.  One of our former neighbors, who lives in South Texas now, suffered a terrible loss a few years back.  I remember coming home from work one night and seeing the emergency vehicles on our street.  His fiancé, to whom he had just proposed the night before, took a gun to her head, after he said he was not in the mood to have sex that night, and blew the top of her head clear across the room. The sheriff’s deputy wanted to know if one of us would go and talk to him.  My husband agreed.

So much pain.  We had a memorial dinner at our home a few weeks later and the neighbors came to share his pain and all our memories.

My next door neighbor held a party at her house last year.  The Oscars were on the television, and all gathered around with our wine and good cheer.  Then she got a phone call, her brother had passed away of a heart attack.  We were there for her then and still are.

And, of course, you know, if you’ve read my blog, my son died in a fiery plane crash in 2011, my mother is in her last stages of dementia, and my husband has been on medical leave of absence since December.

Life is messy.  Even when you get the greatest gift…a newborn baby…they come with a lot of shit!

You just have to deal.

And, hopefully, you have friends and neighbors who pitch in with the casseroles and listening ears.

My neighbors honored me by celebrating my 60th birthday.  Nobody had to bring a casserole this time.  We just let them eat cake.



3 comments on “We’re in this Together”

  1. I love your posts, Elaine, but this theme is really hard on the eyes….spoken as a nearly 60-something.

  2. LOL, I meant the wordpress theme, not the theme of your posts. Sorry, I’m a web developer by trade and my brain forgot that theme meant something other than a wordpress template.

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