but I came all the way from Texas!

By: ewhite422

Apr 26 2014

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Good memories

Elaine White

A few years ago my son, Josh, was a delegate to the Model United Nations, where college students from all over the US gathered at the UN Headquarters in New York to hold proceedings fashioned after the representative organization.  It was his last year in college, and so this would be his last opportunity to participate and my last chance to see him in action.

I flew with my daughter, Christi, all the way from Texas to witness this important event.  Well, we did some shopping, too.

After breakfast with Christi, I arrived 2 hours early for the occasion and wound through security lines.  Just as I approached the main auditorium, the one you see on tv, a security guard stated that the room was full, and that the rest of us would have to go to the “overflow room.”  He led us down a stairway to the basement.

“This can’t be…

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2 comments on “but I came all the way from Texas!”

  1. Your blog is fantastic Elaine…you are so talented.

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