When Walmart Saved the Day

By: ewhite422

Apr 27 2014

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I am really more of a Target shopper.  I like the look and feel of their stores, and Target is closer to my home. But on a very important occasion, Walmart came through.

Three of my work colleagues and I were exhibitors at a bank services conference in San Diego.  We arrived with what we thought was enough time to set up the booth, but quickly learned that we needed more supplies.  The two men decided that we two women should run the errand.

I started to say something smart like, “Men can run errands, too!”  But I bit my tongue.  I had an idea.

I used to belong to ClubCorp (http://www.clubcorp.com/) when I traveled so much.  Basically, they have private clubs in major cities, usually in a tall building with excellent views and food.  I figured my colleague, Shana, and I could have a nice lunch over the San Diego harbor and then get the supplies.

It was beautiful!  The men, however, called me just as we were finishing our lunch, freaked out.  “Where are you guys?  We thought you’d be back by now!”

I looked at my watch.  We did need to hurry, so we dashed out.  Shana drove.  We scoured the freeway for a place to buy the supplies, and she spotted Walmart.  She turned to me an said, “I know you like Target, you’ll just have to get over it!”

She and I had a friendly, competitive relationship in sales.  She was always trying to outdo me.  But I had been in sales longer at that time.  I enjoyed the competition, though.  I looked down at the list of supplies we needed and tore it in half as she wheeled into the Walmart parking lot.

“I’ll bet you I can get my supplies bought before you can,” I challenged.

She snatched the list and made a dash for the entrance.  We were practically running side by side.  She grabbed her cart and disappeared.  I smiled.  I went straight to the service desk and explained my dilemma and that my boss was at the convention center freaking out.  “Basically, I need a personal shopper!”

One employee sprang to action.  He knew where everything was located and my list was done in no time.  I was paying for the supplies when Shana breathlessly rounded the aisle headed for checkout.

You should have seen her face when she saw me.

Fun times!


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