Lifestyles of the Non-Rich and Not Famous

By: ewhite422

May 02 2014

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We received a very positive diagnosis from the neuropsychologist yesterday who evaluated my husband’s brain function.  He has been on medical leave of absence since December, and we have been worried he would be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or Lewy Body Dementia.  But no!  His brain is functioning well!

In  the past 5 months, he has steadily gotten stronger.  At first he just wanted to sleep, after being on 24 hour call for last 10 years.  Finally, I told him he could not sleep all the time.  He is a former Texas A&M football player, so I put on my old cheerleader sweater and stood by the bed acting like a coach, yelling, “Doughtie, get up! Get to the gym!”

He did and he has lost 64 lbs.

This time has not been easy for either of us.  I told you my son died 3 years ago (; my mother is in her final stages of dementia; my stepdad has been having a horrible time, losing the love of his life; and my husband has been incapacitated.  Except he likes to monitor everything I do.  Where am I?  What am I doing?

Last week I had a bit of a stomach “bug.”  He monitored how many times I went to the bathroom.  This week he wanted to know if I had taken a shower.  I bristled.  Yes, I skipped a day…or two…but I don’t sweat.  We had an argument.  I didn’t know he had bought me roses and had placed them in the shower.  Who does that?

Well, anyway, we have spoken with the neuropsychologist, and she is good with his returning to work June 1st.  Let’s see, he has cleaned out the attic, the storage unit, planted a garden, cleaned out the office, and is refinishing an antique toy chest for his grandson.  I have 1 more month of “honey do’s.”  I think I’ll load him up, so he will be glad to go back to work in June.

I know.  I’m bad. But somebody has got to do it!


2 comments on “Lifestyles of the Non-Rich and Not Famous”

  1. Oh the power of prayer! I am so honored to witness your faith through these trials! like you always say the future is brighter than the past. I look forward to being with you through the days ahead to celebrate your victories!

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