Reframing Our Stories

By: ewhite422

May 07 2014


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I had wondered about Monica Lewinsky over the years.  How on earth she had survived getting involved with the married president of the United States at 24 years old, and having the salacious details of their affair discussed everywhere?

It must have been overwhelming then, and it seems, she has been paying for that affair for years, not being able to get a job, always branded with the shame of her youthful indiscretion, while the Clintons have moved on.

That is why I am heartened to see her speak about her past now at age 40.  Despite the unkind things Maureen Dowd writes about her, I believe she is showing a lot of maturity and healing by speaking about the affair and the bullying that she experienced in the media and online.

She is reframing her story, and I think that is what we all could learn from and do.

Unless you’re a saint, you probably have experiences in your life you wish you had done differently.  Why did I marry that person?  What if I had had the chance to have the career I really wanted?  How did I let addiction steal so much of my life?  Why wasn’t I a better parent?

The questions can go on and on.

Finally, when you’re ready, you can begin to take stock of the things you learned from those experiences, how they have shaped you, and you can begin to view them differently for your own healing and for the benefit of others.

I think that is what Monica Lewinsky is doing, and I think she has a lot of courage.


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