House of Cards

My husband and I have been addicted to the television series, House of Cards.  We do Netflix marathons every evening after dinner and dominoes with my stepdad.

I hope and pray Washington politics are not really like that.  It’s just tv, right?

Still, I wonder.

Probably I’m just idealistic, but I thought people were supposed to work together, find common ground, and move things forward for the good of the country.  I see only partisan politics, filibusters, and negativity.

Not that anyone will listen to me, but I responded to one email that I got from the White House (I’m on their list) with a suggestion…

“Please, try and avoid using the word ‘compromise’ when you are dealing with conservative Republicans.  It is a bad word for them, especially the ones who approach politics from a religious perspective.  Compromise means giving into ‘the enemy.'”

I suggested using the following language, “Come let us reason together, (Isaiah 1:18).  We can COLLABORATE for the common good of our country.”

But never, never, never use the word compromise with a conservative, especially a Christian conservative.

They never wrote me back.



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