Mothers Day Musings

Can’t come into this world without one.  And they come in all kinds…some are kind and nurturing, others abrasive and demanding.  Some are a mixture of both.  We finally learn as adults to accept them as human beings who did the best they could (usually).

At this writing my mother is in her last stages of dementia in an assisted living facility.  I am her only child, but she just stares at me as though she doesn’t know me.  I cover her face with kisses and she smiles a little, and then she’s gone.  At least I still have her for a little while longer.  I always tell her at every visit, “Mom, you’re the best mom for me!  Thank you for all you’ve done.”  Maybe she doesn’t understand what I’m saying, but I like to think she does.

My husband brought me 3 dozen roses and chocolates yesterday for mothers day.  He gets carried away when he finds a sale on roses.  And he tries to make up for the fact that mothers day can be hard for me after losing my son Joshua 3 years ago.  I know I will get to talk to my beautiful daughter and granddaughters, and that makes me look forward to the day.

Many of us have this mixture of joy and grief.  It takes time to learn to work with those emotions at the same time, but I’m getting there.

Still, life is not simple.

How do you handle mothers day, if you’ve lost your mom or a child?




2 comments on “Mothers Day Musings”

  1. Well, that mom of yours must have been so sweet because look how easy it is for you to love her when she needs you.

    I’m sorry about the loss of your son, Joshua. Three years ago, three lifetimes ago.

    Peace and hugs,

  2. Sorry MJ, it has taken me so long to reply. You cannot imagine the sick and dying people in my life right now. Thank you for your kind comment. Peace be with you! Elaine

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