It is not all a Party

By: ewhite422

May 28 2014

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Maybe I am getting grumpy at this age.  Maybe I am a “stick in the mud.”  Whatever.  At this time in my life, I am only going to be who I am.

Two things bothered me in the last couple of weeks.  First, the families who lost loved ones in the twin towers in New York were put through more pain to learn that the new 9/11 museum threw a cocktail party for donors, basically on the gravesite of where their loved ones perished.  AND they sold mugs and t-shirts and other knick-knacks in the gift shop.

Have we no decency left?  Do we have to commercialize everything?  Is there not one place where we can gather to commemorate our loved ones without turning it into a party or a way to make money?

And that brings me to Memorial Day.  “Happy Memorial Day!” is the phrase I was greeted with leading up to Monday.  Really?  Men and women sacrificed their lives and we turn everything “happy?”  No, I am sad that people had to die.  I honor their sacrifice.  I may eat a hotdog and cherry pie just for American traditions, but when we place an American flag in our yard to honor those who gave their lives, I do not think of partying.

What do you think?  Am I too grumpy?


One comment on “It is not all a Party”

  1. Have a reverent and reflective Memorial Day…

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