In Her Honor

By: ewhite422

Dec 02 2014

Category: Uncategorized


My mother passed away yesterday at about 8:00 AM with my aunt, my stepdad, and me by her side singing her favorite hymns.

It has been a long goodbye.  She suffered from Lewy Body Dementia, the same disease Robin Williams had.  She was courageous till the end.

I’ve never seen anyone die before.  It gripped my heart when I went searching for a pulse and found none.

She gave me life.  I sang to her in death.

I am sad and happy at the same time.  Sad to not have her here, but happy that she is no longer suffering.

Life has that annoying paradox.  Doesn’t it?  Sad and happy.  Kind of like sweet and salty.

I honor her this day for making me the person I am.


2 comments on “In Her Honor”

  1. Following you since you spoke during our Sunday School hour at St. Andrews. Sorry for your loss and know that the afterlife shines brighter with your mom among the light.

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