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By: ewhite422

Jan 16 2015

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A family of 8 moved into the neighborhood, and the Methodist pastor and 1 of his deacons were the first to visit.

“Welcome to our community!” the pastor gushed. “We’d love to have you visit our church!”

The father of 6 children replied, “Thank you, sir, but we are a large family, and we really don’t have proper, ‘Sunday go to meeting clothes.'”

“Well, that’s not a problem!  I’ll get the Methodist women on it right away!” the pastor responded.  He took down all their sizes and promised that they would have clothes by Sunday.

The Methodist women delivered all the right sizes.

Sunday came and went.  The family did not appear at church, and the pastor was disappointed that he could not add 8 souls to his membership list.

On Tuesday (you know, pastors take Mondays off), the deacon and the pastor paid a call to the family.

“We didn’t see you at church on Sunday! Were the clothes okay?”

“Oh yes!” the father responded, “Everything was just right!  In fact, we looked so good, we went to the Episcopal church!”


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