What We Hide

By: ewhite422

Jan 19 2015

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I have confessed to having a problem with alcohol addiction.  I can’t hide it, even though I thought I could for years.

My husband slamming me into rehab in September (do you remember reading about his buying the “designer animal print duct tape,” in case I resisted?) got me focused on balancing my life.  I have been self medicating because of such an imbalance.

I also tried to hide it.  I stuffed “adult juice boxes,” those cheap boxes of wine under furniture and in the cabinets of the bathroom, and also behind draperies.  My husband finds them.  I cannot hide.

When I was at rehab, though, I heard of the most ingenious place to hide alcohol.  I was in session with one of the counselors, and he said he had a client who was addicted to vodka.  He had run out of hiding places, so he came up with something no one would guess…except his wife.  She went out to the garden shed to get the hose to water the garden.  It was HEAVY.  “That’s crazy,” she thought.  She looked at it, and discovered that there was a clamp on the end of the hose.  She released the clamp and vodka poured out.

What we hide comes out.  I’m dealing with it.


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