Getting Well

By: ewhite422

Jan 26 2015

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It’s just life.  Sometimes getting well requires pain.  I told you I’m working the Life Process Program ( to get over my self medication with alcohol.  The program requires a lot of introspection.  It asks a lot of questions about what is bothering me.  Let’s see, let me get out my notebook to make my list!

It’s necessary.

Sometimes the boil has to be lanced.  Just last week my dear friend had to have an emergency appendectomy.  She could have died, had she not gone through the pain of surgery.

Another friend of mine had her former home, where she reared her children, burn to the ground last week.

I’m resigned to it.  This is the season in my life and the lives of some of my dear friends to deal with all the things we’ve built, all the ego driven goals and world changing delusions. Lots of dreams to set aside…and just BE.

It seems to be a time of intense change…can’t wait for the next phase, but in the meantime, I’m working on being grateful for this one.


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