By: ewhite422

Feb 08 2015

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We went to a Mexican restaurant last night, and I ordered a margarita.  The addiction recovery program I am working is not a total abstinence program.  It is about recovering one’s life, so that alcohol is no longer needed to self medicate.

Well, I am getting better, facing my issues, and so I thought I would “reward” myself with the margarita.  What I DID was make myself sick!

I never want another margarita for the rest of my life!

So, in my time of gratitude this morning, I gave thanks that I got sick.  At least, I’ve scratched tequila off my temptation list.

I wrote to my coach this morning, and she wrote back, saying, “Don’t beat yourself up.  Your deciding to be grateful is a good step to recovery.”

I can do this!


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