By: ewhite422

Feb 13 2015

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My boss was diagnosed with cancer on a Friday in 2006.

I had worked with him for 3 or 4 years, and he was the one who wanted to know what I wanted my title to be when I was promoted, to which I replied, “Your Royal Majesty.”  He laughed.  He “got” me. NOOOO, not like that.  He was the greatest person to work for and with.

When we arrived at work on Monday, he came in my office and shut the door. “I have cancer!” he broke down and fell into my arms.  This was not usual behavior.  I had never seen him emotional.

I steeled myself.  “If anybody can beat this, YOU CAN!  I know you and you are the “Billy Jack” of everything!  We’ll face this together!”

Well, I have not worked at that company for a number of years now, but since his diagnosis in 2006, we have spoken by phone almost every Friday for 9 years!  He is doing well.  I decorated his house after his divorce, and I shop for gifts for his new love on birthdays and Christmas.

It is a wonderful thing to have people in our lives who are consistent, and he is.  I am so glad he has kicked cancer in the butt!

I spoke to him just a while ago…it’s Friday, and we always remember the fateful day and where we are now!


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