Our Stories

By: ewhite422

Feb 13 2015

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I’ll never forget my 4 year old son asking, as I put him to bed, “Momma, tell me a story about when you were a little boy.”

Hmmm, maybe I wanted to be a little boy when I was young.  I would NOT wear pink.  My mother had to fight with me to wear my Easter dress and hat.  And no petticoats!

I got a spanking before my 3rd birthday party, because I did not want to wear the frilly little dress she bought for the party.

I have so many stories.  When I started talking with Maggie, Senior Producer of The Moth in New York City, we laughed over lunch, just off Broadway, “Maggie, I am your new cousin.  You want stories?  I got stories!”  I later spoke to a sold out crowd at the Paramount Theater in Austin last December, sponsored by The Moth.  It was a blast.

So, I’m down for telling my stories.  Some of them are painful, and my recovery coach is helping me “reframe” them.  She says, “You get knowledge from books, but you get wisdom from mistakes. So, be thankful for the wisdom you’ve gained.”

Boy, I should be really wise by now.

Still, it’s my story.  I told God I’d go anywhere or do anything, and God took me up on the offer:

I felt “led” to marry a man who turned out to be verbally abusive and insensitive to my needs.

My high school sweetheart, whom I broke up with to accept the marriage proposal, died a month before my wedding.

I had to conform to a culture where the woman was the “servant” to her husband. (Gag!)

I ran away (I told you that story yesterday) and then was “led” to go back.

I became a missionary to Mexico when it was illegal to be a missionary there.

I had multiple Latin American students living in my home, while I reared my 2 children.

I raised money for our non-profit, which included buying an airplane (Pat Robertson once sent me $8,000 for a new engine).

I “hotel-schooled” my children.  We traveled so much, you couldn’t say it was home school.

We oversaw churches in Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Panama, and Venezuela. (I was in charge of “the women,” and on one occasion I had to confront a woman whom I suspected of having an affair with the pastor!  Sure enough, they were “doing it” on the sofa of the pastor’s office).  I will never forget his wife’s wails of pain, when we forced him to confess to her.

We moved back to the US in 1992, and I became involved in the Christian Coalition.  After all, Pat had given me $8,000!

I re-established myself in my hometown of Odessa.  The newspaper even did an article about me!

A year later my husband moved us AGAIN to Austin. (we moved 21 times in 24 years)

Are you worn out yet?

I’ll tell you the rest tomorrow on Our Stories 2.0.  It gets crazier.


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