Our Stories 2.0

By: ewhite422

Feb 14 2015

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I left off yesterday with moving to Austin…

I continued to be involved in The Christian Coalition.  Before I knew it, I was County Coordinator for the Coalition in Travis County, lobbyist for the CC of Texas, and co-host of a daily 2 hour radio talk show.

I helped the religious right take over the Republican Party.  I even had my office broken into by moderate Republicans, looking for my list of precinct chairman.

I stood on the platform with Senator Phil Graham, when he was running for president, and Ralph Reed, Executive Director of the Christian Coalition, when they announced the Contract with the American Family.

I then ended an abusive 24 year marriage and took myself out of all politics.  I resigned my radio talk show.

I suffered the effects of the divorce.  My husband turned my son against me and moved to Dallas.  Josh (age 16) wrote me a “you’re dead to me” letter.  I moved with my daughter to north Austin and began a career in interior design (after all, I had designed 21 of my own homes).

I became top producer for the design firm and got to decorate multi-million dollar homes in Austin, until the tech bust happened, and the firm had to close.  Then I worked for another design firm and did a Symphony Showhome.  That firm suffered from the downturn in the economy, so I left and went to work for a commercial interior design firm in Dallas, whose clients were companies like American Airlines, Time Warner, and the FBI.  I did well, until the economy affected them, too.  They ended up having to close.

So many career changes.  I went to work for KBR doing marketing for their facilities management group, but then the Gulf War happened, and they laid our group off to focus on the war.  That’s when I went to work for bank services company and sold prepaid debit cards to large employers so that they could pay their employees who did not have bank accounts on a card, rather than a check.  I won the business of one of the most desired companies in the US. I felt like a rock star!

Then that fell apart.  Management changed, and I left.  I worked for a similar company and won the business of Chrysler and Food Network.  I traveled incessantly.

During this time I met and married a wonderful man with 7 children. (I must have signed up for the intensive course in how to love people who don’t like me).

My mother got pneumonia 3 times in 1 year.  My stepdad had to have open heart surgery, so I resigned my position in order to stop traveling.  I became President of Leadership Houston and then Executive Director for Prepared 4 Life. Then my husband had to have emergency open heart surgery.

I resigned to take care of him.

It has been a LONG journey.  But I have lots of stories, and I’m going to tell them and speak about them.

Let me know which part of the story you’d like to hear first.  Just leave it in the comments section.  I plan to get the book published this year and I’d like to hear what interests you most.

Thanks for being on this journey with me.


One comment on “Our Stories 2.0”

  1. Elaine, you don’t have to write any more stories–at least down here. I know you are designing and delighting in your beautiful surroundings. I miss you. I love you.

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