Be Prepared

By: ewhite422

Feb 16 2015

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I was a girl scout, and our motto was “Be Prepared!”

I am reminiscing this morning about a sales call I had years ago with a large restaurant chain (over 50,000 employees), based in Tennessee.  The meeting was with the HR/Accounting group and the Senior Vice President in charge.  His name was Nick.

I started the meeting off with questions, (for those of you not in sales, the motto is “if you want sell, ASK, don’t TELL).  “I want to hear what YOU want?, Can you tell me your objectives?”

Nick described my product to a tee and how it was going to help his company..

I said, “You’ve just described what I can do for you exactly.”

He shot back, “And I want it all for free!”

I said, “Well, we can do that, but you’ll have to guarantee that all our employees can eat at your restaurant for free for the rest of their lives, since the company will go out of business with that kind of deal!”

The people in the room squirmed.  Some tried to hide their smiles.

It’s what they call in the South, a “bugtussle.”

Nick got a kick out of it.  He was just “messin'” with me.

“Can you send me a contract?” he asked.

“Of course, I can!” I said, “But I was a girl scout and never go anywhere unprepared.  I have a printed one in my briefcase, and here it is!”  I made a dramatic move, extracting the contract and laying on the conference table before him.

The room erupted with laughter.

Now that was a fun sale.


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