Valentine’s All Year Long

By: ewhite422

Feb 17 2015

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This post may make some of my female readers a little jealous, or they may print it out and shove it in front of their husbands at the dinner table.  My male readers might just roll their eyes and pray that their wives do not read my blog.

Anyway, as you know, Valentine’s Day was this past weekend.  A few days beforehand, I looked at my husband and said, “Sweetheart, do NOT buy me anything!” (He spent too much for Christmas)

“Everyday with you feels like Valentine’s Day!” I continued.  For one thing, I always have fresh roses in my kitchen and other flowers throughout the house.  I cannot send him to the grocery store without his coming home with fresh flowers.  He knows how happy that makes me, and he does it year round.

I always have chocolates on hand.  I always have a kind card that he’s picked out especially for me.  He tells me multiple times a day how much I’m loved.  I really have Valentine’s Day all year long!

I know, I’m spoiled.

One year on Valentine’s Day I drove home from work and pulled my car into the garage.  Our garage is carpeted, because it was the builder’s show home and he had his office in the garage.  So when I opened my door, I saw rose petals on the carpet.  They led in path to the door of our home and down the hall into the bedroom.  I followed, trying not to step on them, since I didn’t want to stain the carpet.  And what did I find? Well, the champagne on ice for one thing, and I’ll leave the rest to your imagination.

This man is a dream come true.  So kind.  So romantic. He’s even been known to pull over into nearby parking lot when we are enjoying a special song in the car and come around to my door, open it, and dance with me right there while the music plays on the car stereo.  Who does that?

He’s getting to a certain age, and we’ve been discussing what he might want to do for his next gig.  I suggested he give classes to other men about being romantic.

He would be great!  I wish every woman could have that kind of attention and love.


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