Laid Off

By: ewhite422

Feb 19 2015

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My husband just lost his job today after 30 years of being with Halliburton…off and on.  He quit them twice and they let him go twice, but when they hired him back 10 years ago, they restored all his years worked…until today, and then they acted as though he had only been with the company for 10 years.

We knew the layoff  was coming.  The oil business has peaks and valleys, but we thought they would have more consideration for his 30 years with the company.

What really got to him was that they would not let him go back upstairs to say goodbye to the people he has worked with for years.

It hurts.

Such is corporate America.


4 comments on “Laid Off”

  1. That hurts. So sorry to hear about this, Elaine.

    Heartless. I don’t know that a “human element” exists any longer in Corporate America. Which is why we work for ourselves; I run my (and Joe’s businesses). He still works for a corporation, but not for long…we’re planning that he’ll be free of those shackles very soon. Corporations are in it for themselves, looking out for nothing but their bottom lines. So we’ve decided we’re going in solely for OURSELVES as well.

  2. I’m sorry, Elaine. Such a blow to your husband. When my husband was laid off from a large company years ago, they treated him the same as Halliburton treated your husband – they had a security guard escort him off the premises, not allowed to do anything but exit the building. It’s hurtful. And wrong.

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