Hi! I’m glad you stopped by and hope you’ll share your thoughts and comments with me. I have lived my life “large.” I grew up in the town of Friday Night Lights, Odessa, Texas. I was idealistic to the max…at high school commencement, I gave a speech about conquering cancer and I think I mentioned something about world peace.

I lived 12 years in Mexico as a missionary, homeschooled (more like hotelschooled) my 2 children, moved back to the US, got involved in politics, co-hosted a 2 hour daily radio talk show in Austin, Texas, ended a 24 year marriage, became a designer, worked for a bank services company as Senior Vice President, was President of Leadership Houston, married the most wonderful man on the planet who has 7 children, so between us we have 9, and these days I’m trying to decide what’s next.

I’m working on a book about the crazy journey and I’m committed to writing my current thoughts, a la “stream of consiousness” on this blog. You’ll find a little of everything, so if one topic bores you, check back!

I would love to read any comments you have, if you enjoyed a post. If not, please, try to be kind in your disagreement.

Also, if you do like this blog, could you, please, share it with your friends? Agents/publishers expect an author to already have a readership, and I’m just starting out, trying to build that platform.


2 comments on “About”

  1. You continue to amaze me and lift me up. God has blessed you with an incredible talent. It is going to be an exciting journey to see how He uses you for His Glory.
    You are loved!

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